Sunday, October 31, 2010

Let's have a cup together

Welcome to the Juice.
You're asking, "What is it?"

It's the skinny         The low down         The info          The whats-what          The facts, ma'am
The happenings          The definition          The word          The word up          The scoop
The insider news

In short, it is a place where we have another opportunity to converse about what is happening in and talked about at North Branch Wesleyan Church.  

Our church is like many others.  It happens too often like this; you missed that meeting or were out of town for a couple weekends and now feel as though you have missed some key information.  It goes deeper than this.  If you regular serve in key ministry areas you may feel like you are detached from what is happening in the life of the church.  We believe we can do better in our communication efforts.  

the Juice
is one way we want to keep the conversation alive.   It is one way we will partner together to influence our families and our community.

So let's have a cup of juice together.