Thursday, July 14, 2011

Put me in, Coach

Like many, I like to think that the best in life comes easy.
But if I give a second thought I realize how hard the best things in life are.

For instance, I used to own a '79 VW Bus.  I thought it'd be easy to drive it from Wyoming to Indiana in January.  My dad and I were just laughing about how much it cost him to tow it back to Wyoming from Minnesota---where the engine had blown out!

I also thought it'd be easy to learn to play guitar.  In fact, learning a few chords was easy but I am still amazed at those who have mastered the guitar.  

In High School I thought it'd be easy to be the Student Government Parliamentarian (that's the guy who knows 'Robert's Rules of Order' and keeps the meeting flowing as it should).  It was easy to win--make a few posters and write a catchy speech--it is still hard for me to know how a meeting is supposed to properly run.  

Ok, you get it.

Good change is difficult and almost never immediate.  There are moments of intense joy and moments of painful difficulty.  

Why do we keep working to effect change?  Why do we want to be in this game?
Here are a couple reasons for me:
a) I'm a dreamer and I'm just not satisfied with how things are.  
Admittedly I have my fair share of melancholy tendencies and sometimes believe it's too hard to do what we want to do.  But I also carry a God-given sense of optimism.   

b) A belief that being a change agent is at the heart of being a follower of Jesus. 

c) I'm a dad.  I look at the world and want to be part of the turnaround...for their sake.

That's a few to get you started.
Why are you still in the game?  
What gets your heart motivated to believe tomorrow is really worth the effort you are giving today?

postscript:  after posting I went to Seth Godin's blog.  His few lines on making a difference today are well said.  Click here